By using Advanced Prediction Models to continuously process the data gathered in the plantation, the plantation’s exposition risk to plagues or diseases can be estimated. If specific thresholds for each risk are exceeded, Wisecrop will alert the producer. These alerts can be user defined.

This system is a powerful help in the decision-making process when the professionals need to order a pulverization, reducing the probability of resistances development and optimizing the moment to repeat a certain treatment. Treatments are expensive, we believe the producer can save at least 20% by investing in this app. 

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how does it work?


The platform gives you a prediction of the risk of plagues and diseases  and it also sends alerts so that necessary precautions can be taken on time. The producer can also define alerts.


After its development, the treatment's evolution can be continuously monitored through indicators such as the "security interval" and the "biological persistence", by accessing simple registrations and alerts.


  • Act preemptively and avoid unnecessary treatments
  • Choose the best moment to treat
  • Decide when the best moment is to repeat that treatment
  • Reduce the probability for the development of resistances to treatments
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