This app allows the definition of a nutrition plan that fits the needs of your plantation. It can be adjusted throughout the season having in mind the goals of the producer.

Wisecrop lets you upload an agronomic analysis and/or order it directly to the lab. The results will appear directly on the platform. This makes the whole process easier and gives the technical personnel immediate access to all the data, providing an adequate answer to each exploration.  

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how does it work?


This app gives the technicians and the producers a simple way to emit and access reports, plans and/or nutrition chronograms, allowing changes, if necessary, throughout the season.


By benefiting from the Wisecrop partnerships, the user can order and access the agronomic analysis results directly on the platform.


  • Adequate the nutrition levels to your goals
  • Adjust fertilizer injection in fertigation
  • Effectively manage expensive resources
  • Enhance the productivity
  • Limit fertilizer losses by leaching
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