Remote Monitoring

Real Time and precise data

All history and real time data you need displayed on a smart and user friendly interface allowing an easy and intuitive interpretation.

Device Integration

Access to information from several different types of devices

The solution to synchronize data from diverse monitoring and actuation devices from various providers in a single platform. Use them to get added value from agronomic intelligence.  

Remote control


The technology that allows efficient management of the crop resources through the remote controlling of your programmers with an intuitive and simple interface that saves costs and time.


Wisecrop is an intelligent wireless solution that lets you configure different devices in the field. Don't worry if your plantation has atypical characteristics, we have the right technology to solve your specific needs. Buy only and exactly what you need, when you decide to: none of the web apps is hardware dependant

Soil Moisture Sensors

Adopt the technology that best suits the needs of your operation. See the recommended water needs and assess program performance across with the behavior of soil moisture types and other factors that influence your productivity. 

Humidity, temperature, electroconductivity, water tension, pH, among others.

Weather Sensors

The solution that allows you to monitor the climate of your crops, calculate evapotranspiration, monitor with precision the accumulated cold hours and growing degree-day, among other features. It also allows to obtain, based on advanced forecasting models, the level of different risks of planting (Climate, Pests and Diseases).

Air temperature; humidity; wet leaf; speed and direction of the wind; Solar radiation, rainfall, among others.

Fruit and Plant Sensors

Gather information of the evolution of the plants to your decision strategy. Track, evaluate and act precisely the reaction of plants to climatic effects, treatments, fertilization and irrigation plan to help the development of the culture. Closely monitor the growth of the fruit and accurately control your irrigation plan based on that information.

Stem and fruit growth, fruit gauge, among others.

Irrigation Systems Sensors

It allows you to monitor the irrigation and fertirrigation system and to be alerted instantly in case of any anomalies, avoiding unnecessary expenses and possible serious consequences for your exploration. For example, you can monitor the water consumption and the nutrients applied in the plantation.

Waternutrients, energy and fuel consumption, systems state, among others.

Actuator Control

Have greater control over the exploration with a solution that lets you reconfigure your programmer settings remotely. Plan and adapt the behavior of your irrigation/fertirrigation system to the daily changing conditions. A simple and intuitive customization process gives you an increase on the system's efficiency thereby reducing costs and time spent in control visits to the plantation.

Irrigation and fertirrigation controllers, climate control, filter actuators, engines, among others.

Some Instalations

Olive - 288 Ha

Kiwi - 48 Ha

Tomato - 0,55 Ha

Pear - 35 Ha

Blueberry - 3 Ha

Raspberry - 1,5 Ha

Chestnut - 9,8 Ha

Wine - 200 Ha

Apple - 15 Ha

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