Through established partnerships with various entities, WiseCrop allows the user to subscribe to personalized services, easily and immediately.



With all the data available in one platform, it's possible to cross compare all the information with a highly personalized support, taking into account the farmers' goals and the state of the farm.  



The results of the services subscribed are fed directly into the platform, which is going to correlate them with all the other data and keep a history of results to facilitate the whole decision making process.

Analysis Laboratories

With WiseCrop, the relationship between Analysis Laboratories, experts and farmers is extremely simplified. New analyses are requested in the platform, where afterwards the results will be available

Technical Consulting

With WiseCrop, the service is simple and highly personalized. The expert, with the farmer's permission, is able to access to all the data about a farm, monitor and create nutritional programs in an informed way, aligned with the farmer's goals in order to provide a constant support and make decisions.

Aerial Images

It will be easy and quick to access services providing aerial imaging collection and analysis, allowing, for example, the comparison of data of the vegetative vigor with laboratory analysis and with field observations. It also makes possible to manage the application of fertilizers using VRT ( Variable Rate Technology), taking into account the productivities of each segment of each field.

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